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Tromaville, New Jersey




Melvin Junko, the Toxic Crusader

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Toxic Crusaders Leader


Toxic Crusaders

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Mutant Human



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none (formerly red)

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First appearance

The Making of Toxie

Created by

Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz

Voiced by

Rodger Bumpass

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Toxie, or Melvin Junko, is a fictional character from the cartoon television series; Toxic Crusaders.

He was based on a previous incarnation with the same name .

Early Life[]

Melvin Junko was a young and goofy kid that lived with his mother and worked at the Tromaville Gym. After a prank gone wrong, Melvin found himself transformed into a hideous creature of superhuman size and strength. After his mother didn't want him in the house anymore, Melvin took on the name Toxie and started living in the Tromaville Dump with his living Mop and a blob-Mutant named Blobby. He soon met and fell in love with a girl with bad eyesight named Yvonne.

The Toxic Crusader[]

Melvin would eventually meet other Mutants; Nozone, Major Disaster, Headbanger and Junkyard. Together they would form a superhero team while living in the Tromaville Dumps. They would usually spend their time rescuing Tromaville and the entire Earth from an alien invasion led by Dr. Killemoff.


Marvel Comics released an eight-issue comic book series. It had no regular writer. Each issue was written by such notables as Steve Gerber (issues #3 and #5), Ann Nocenti (issue #7), David Leach & Jeremy Banx (lead strip script & artwork) and David Michelinie (back up strip) (issue #8), Hilary Barta (issue #2), and Simon Furman (issues #1, 4, 6). A four book mini series was written and drawn by David Leach & Jeremy Banx. The series was solicited and the first issue written and drawn before being canceled along with all of Marvel TV tie-in titles. One issue was a direct parody of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

In the UK, Fleetway published their own Toxic Crusaders comic book which would last for ten issues.

Toxic Adventures[]

The Cartoon Version of Toxie was eventually brought back in three animation specials made in 2005. Toxie appeared without the other members of the Toxic Crusaders and was instead teamed up with his sidekick from Citizen Toxie; Lardass.