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Trailer for the Toxic Avenger III

Trailer for the Toxic Avenger III

Trailer for this film

The Toxic Avenger III: The Last Temptation of Toxie was released in 1989 by Troma Entertainment. It is a sequel to The Toxic Avenger Part II. It was later re-released as part of the 'Tox Box' DVD set and the 'Complete Toxic Avenger' 7-disc DVD set.


Template:Expand section After getting Apocalypse Inc. out of town, the Toxic Avenger has nothing to do. He tries to get a job but fails, as a normal job is no place for a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. Until one day, Toxie is told that his blind girlfriend Claire has a chance to see again, but it will cost a great deal of money. When the famous superhero gets the opportunity to work as a spokesman for Apocalypse Inc., he agrees so he can get money for Claire. As he was unaware of the evil nature of his employers, Apocalypse Inc. took over Tromaville and enslaved the populace. After Claire's surgery, she opens up Toxie's eyes and it is revealed that the Devil himself is the chairman of Apocalypse Inc. Things begin to make a change for the worse as the Toxic Avenger will be transformed back to his original form, the dorky Melvin Junko, and must face a showdown with the Devil. The Toxic Avenger battles the Devil through the "Five Levels of Doom" trial ordeal.


  • Ron Fazio as The Toxic Avenger, Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • John Altamura as The Toxic Avenger
  • Phoebe Legere as Claire
  • Rick Collins as Apocalypse Inc. Chairman/The Devil
  • Lisa Gaye as Malfaire
  • Jessica Dublin as Mrs. Junko
  • Michael J. Kaplan as Little Melvin
  • Dan Snow as Cigar Face
  • Fernando Antonio as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Paul Borghese as Lou Sipher: Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Sylvester Covin as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • William Decker as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Joe Fleishaker as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Mark Fucile as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Marc Allan Ginsberg as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Sal Lioni as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Doug McDonald as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Benny Nieves as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Kariim Ratcliff as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Michael Jai White as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Susan Whitty as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
  • Jeremiah Yates as Apocalypse Inc. Executive


The film gain many negative reviews. And is the least remembered of the franchise Rotten Tomatoes currently has a Want-To-See score of 38%.

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