Biographical information

Tromaville, New Jersey


Toxic Crusaders Member


Toxic Crusaders

Physical description

Mutant Human



Out of universe information
First appearance

The Making of Toxie

Created by

Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz

Voiced by

Paul Eiding

Teachers and Students

No-Zone is a fictional character from the Toxic Crusaders series.

Originally No-Zone was a stunt pilot. One day during an air show he crashed into a silo full of irradiated pepper and thought for dead. However, he emerged from the wreckage with blue skin, a giant nose and part of his plane had been fused into him in that his left foot had become a wheel. Eventually he met up with Major Disaster and bought a bus ticket to Tromaville, where he hoped to be better accepted as a mutant. He then befriended Toxie and joined the Toxic Crusaders.

Although much of his work is with Toxie, No-Zone still tries to find mainstream jobs, such as when times got tough for all the team and they had to seek legitimate work. Mrs. Junko recommended No-Zone apply to a job to be a children's magician, as an ad said they were looking for a man with a big nose who loved kids. No-Zone was OK with working with children, but said he would "give it a try" about seeing if they felt his nose was large enough.